Tuesday, September 19, 2006

She's working on it

This evening has been very good.

Ross is "in class" right now - which means it's his Tuesday night class - which means he's in the living room with his laptop and his headphones with microphone, listening to the teacher and interacting with the people in his class. Amazing, isn't that?

Even more amazing was hanging out with Miss Baby tonight. She's all about standing up but then she starts fussing when she wants me to come and help her sit down on the floor. All I have to do it put my fingertips to her sides and she'll happily let go and land on her booty.

She was pulling up with the help of the baby gate that's in the door and cruising along back and forth on her tiptoes. It's very exciting to watch.

I'm also noticing that she understands words more. She was on one side of the room and I laid down in the floor in the middle of the room and I asked her to come give me a kiss - she crawled right over and did just that! Then I asked her where Gallops was. I had to pick her up so that she could see that he was on top of the giant Rubbermade bin we use as a toybox, but once she saw him there she crawled over, stood up, and pulled him down to the floor. Brilliant!

Of course she still doesn't seem to understand the word no, but we're working on it.

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