Sunday, September 10, 2006

Our First Picnic

Our First Picnic 015
Today we went to the park we call our Sunday park and we walked the trail. It's a beautiful park. Violet and I went there yesterday because Ross was in class and I figured I'd go to the gym for something to do that didn't involve spending money and that would break up the very long day ahead.

When we got the the gym, Kid Kare was full. The chickie in charge said I could wait about 10 minutes and someone would probably come to pick up their kid, but I'm not that patient. I decided to take V to SuperTarget and walk around for a while.

Well, I got on the highway going the wrong way because I still don't know my way around Knoxville and, as I realized this, I noticed that we weren't far from the park. It was so pretty out yesterday! There were tons of kids out playing soccer and lots of people and dogs for Violet to look at along the way.

As we were finishing our walk, I saw guys out mowing the grass and thought what a great place for a picnic! So, during naptime this morning, Ross went and did the grocery shopping and got two of these really great sandwiches I love from the deli. They're roast beef and smoked gouda on marbled rye. Tasty treat! We took the sandwiches, some Baked Lays, slices of banana bread, and some sweet tea. It was gorgeous out and we were good and hungry after our 40 minute walk around the park.

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