Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What a helpful girl

Yesterday, for the first time, Violet put a block back into the container. She's been flirting with this for a while - when I put her in the carseat, I usually put her babykeys in my mouth so that she can amuse herself by taking them out. She has started putting them back in my mouth and then taking them out again. From what I've read, babies learn to pick up an object but it takes a bit longer to learn to put it down or place it somewhere (as opposed to dropping it or throwing it down). So Violet is in the process of learning this now. She's also just beginning to discover waving good-bye.

She's doing so much better at Kid Kare, too. Winter told me yesterday that V only cried once - and she only started crying because some other kid started first and then soon all the babies were crying. I would've liked seeing that - that's gotta be at least a little bit funny. Today Sarah told me V didn't cry at all and she laughed and played and said Mama the whole time. Yay! Then when we left, V gave Sarah a very small wave good-bye and Sarah said, "Oh! She's growing up!"

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Jason said...

Hey Ross. Thanks for the stop by. Violet's a cute 'lil gal. You've got some great photos here of her. I loved the images of the mama turtle with her babies. My wife had a small turtle for years as a kid. She named her "Buttercup". Take it easy.

p.s. Where do you live now? Your profile is kind of thin and I couldn't tell from the various blog entries.