Sunday, July 23, 2006

Goofing off

Does V look ready for bed to you? No, she doesn't to me either, but we're going to try it anyway.


jude cowell said...

The banner looks scrumptious, M! Great Job!!!

jen said...

Very cute banner! :)

What time does your little one usually go to bed?

MEH said...

Thanks guys!

She goes to bed between 7 & 8 and then gets up between 5 & 6. She usually has a few minor awakenings during the night but 2-4 nights a week she'll wake up around 3am or so and stay up for an hour or so.

jen said...

3am is the part hour, it seems.

when she gets up at 5 or 6, does she eat and go back down, or does she stay awake?

'cause if she stays awake, bless you and your sanity. I'd have torn my hair out by now :) That's where our swing becomes my saving grace. 5am? Here, take a swing ride! Then she's out for another 2 hours. Crisis averted.

How's teething?

jen said...

*party, not part. :)

MEH said...

The swing doesn't work for us anymore! When she's up at 5-6, she stays up. But this is ok with me (closer to 6 is better, of course). That way, she takes her first nap from 8:30 until 10 or so and then I can be at the gym by 11. Then the afternoon nap is usually from 2 until 4.

MEH said...

Teething is Ok so far...but the tooth is barely through the gum. I can feel it, but I still can't really see it.

jen said...

My kiddo has been teething for AGES. (well, "AGES" is all relative in the life of a baby).

But no teeth.

Yours seems to love Daddy :) She's a happy kiddo, isn't she?

I wish my girl would nap for long periods again. We're fighting a stuffy nose that makes her mad... so she doesn't sleep as well. It's always something! Keeps us on our toes :)