Saturday, May 20, 2006


Then I caught a great picture of her right after she woke up. I love that surprised look. Ross says it's the "What? $20 for a salad?!" look.

We went to the mall today and got my new glasses (thank God). The outside of the mall looks pretty crappy, but inside it is a most fabulous mall. And I'm not a giant fan of malls. They have tons of kids' clothing stores, which is a bad thing. I went into Babies-R-Us the other day and had to stop myself from buying the sweetest little dresses you ever did see. I couldn't believe the cuteness on display. Lavender dresses and jumpers! Pale blue dresses! Eyelet dresses! Pretty florals! I got what I needed and ran out of there.

Anyway, Violet loved the mall. She was very pleasant to everyone and, in return, she got many smiles and waves. She ate it up with a pink plastic babyspoon.

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