Wednesday, May 03, 2006

6 month check up

Violet went for her 6 month well baby exam yesterday. It was nice because Ross got to go with us. She is 16 pounds, almost 26 inches. She's at the 50th percentile of everything. She got 4 shots, which she did not enjoy whatsoever. But she really didn't scream for too long. She doesn't go back, barring illness, until she's 9 months old. The doctor was very nice. She's pregnant herself and only works part time, so I'm not sure how that's going to go, but I liked her a lot, so I hope she's around for a while. Danielle told me about her.

Wylie got his summer buzz cut today. The groomer left his tail, as instructed, but shaved everything else - including his legs. He looks like an alien cat with spindly legs. It's pretty funny. He's so cute - we think so, anyway. Amazingly, it cost just $38 to have him shaved. In WPB it was $75. And we had to have it done 3x last year too. Even in Duluth it was $55.

I'm liking Tennessee more and more...

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jude cowell said...

Excellent! The rare bushy tail cat reappears.

Glad Violet didn't fuss too much with yucky shots!