Monday, April 03, 2006

I'd pay good $$ for 8 hours sleep in a row.

Miss Baby, Miss Baby. I love her, but she’s killing me.

Wonderfully, overnight it seemed, she started sleeping in her crib for her naps (instead of on me, which is what she was doing before). Sure she’ll wake up in the middle of the nap and I have to go in and help her get back to sleep, but that’s not a big deal to me – it’s what I’m here for. But at night, that’s another story. For a while she'd been doing great sleeping at night (great for her anyway) and I was finally feeling semi-rested – but as soon as she started sleeping better during the day, she stopped sleeping well at night. She wakes up either at 3 or 4 am (how she knows that it’s exactly on the hour I’ll never know) and then thrashes around until around 5 am, when she won’t go back to sleep again regardless.

I think I may be more tired now than when I first had her. Yesterday I checked her temperature, just to make sure. Hers was normal – mine was 100.7. Mine is fine today, but I am very, very tired all day long. I slept during her first nap today, I may have to start doing that more. I hate to because the only thing worse than getting just two hours of sleep when you need 8 is being awakened every 40 minutes by her wanting me to help her get back to sleep. But I gotta do something. I'd go to bed early, but I gotta work at night.

I just keep telling myself that she's getting bigger every day and one day this won't be an issue. I may be a bleary-eyed, walking dead person by then, but that day will come when she will sleep longer than two hours in a row.

I've even cut out chocolate now just in case the caffeine was affecting her - God help me!

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