Friday, February 10, 2006

Yellow bow

Last night Violet went to sleep around 7pm. I went to bed around 10. Violet woke up at 11pm, 2am, 3, 4, and 5am. She stayed awake from 5-7am, then slept from 7-9am. Ross got up at around 5am and they hung out together while I slept. At 7, when he woke me up, it felt like I'd been asleep for 5 minutes. I swaddled her up and laid her down a little after 7. She slept until 8:15 and then I rocked her until she went back to sleep. She slept until right before 9. I slept basically from 7-9am, but, again, it felt like I'd been asleep for about 5 minutes, maybe 4.

But isn't she sweet in her yellow bow?

Today she took 2 naps, exactly 30 minutes long each. One of my getting your baby to sleep better books says that you can't even count sleeping as a nap unless it lasts longer than an hour. So I usually start feeding her and getting her ready to go to bed at 6pm, which takes about an hour, sometimes less. Today she started screaming at 4:30. I knew she was tired, so around 5pm I put her down. I tried to feed her but she was too upset, so I swaddled her up and rocked her in my grandmother's rocking chair. When she's tired like this and can't get to sleep unless she's swaddled and rocked, it's like she's in severe pain. I can't stand it! So I was rocking her and her eyes were wide, wide open but after about 4 minutes of rocking, I kissed her forehead and she shut her eyes and was out. So now she's asleep. I had my dinner and now I'm about to start working, which I've been doing every night until I'm about to start crying from the pain of lack of sleep myself, then I go to bed and sleep until she wakes me - usually 1-3 hours later.

Ross is getting home a little late today, so he's missed her now. I hate that. I try to let him sleep most of the night lately (in the beginning he got up with us and changed her diaper for me) so that he can have gotten enough sleep to stay up with her from 5-7am. She almost never goes back to sleep once she wakes up between 4-5am. Anyway, I figure that's his quality time with her, so that's good. And I have to say, I get a much better quality of sleep between 5-7 when I know that he's with her and I don't have to keep an ear out. Even if it's just two hours, it's a nice sleep.

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