Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tummy time

Since all the doctors have decided that babies should sleep on their backs now instead of their stomachs to reduce the likelihood of SIDS, babies should now get what they call "tummy time." Apparently, babies are learning to turn over from their stomachs to their backs a month or two later than when medical advice said to put babies to sleep on their stomachs. So they say we should give our babies supervised tummy time every day so that they can work on building up their neck muscles and for learning how to turn over. Unfortunately, Violet doesn't much care for tummy time. She'll lay there for a minute and then she starts squirming and then she starts crying. She'll pick her head up a little bit, but then she stops trying and cries until I pick her up. When I try to show her how to turn over onto her back, she cries even more. Poor, poor baby! So today I put her on her stomach, but on her Boppy - and she actually had a good time! I picked her up once she stopped holding her head up so much - so that she wouldn't get too fussy and decide she didn't like that anymore either. The Boppy is sort of a moon-shaped pillow, so her stomach went on the floor and her arms and head went on the Boppy. I guess she likes that better than being flat on her face. And who can blame her?

So one picture is of her holding her head up and the other one, in the hat, I put up because she looks so much like the baby pictures I've seen of Ross. It's so funny how sometimes I'll catch a flash of her looking like me, a lot of times she looks like Ross, but mainly I'd say she's a good combination of the both of us. She's got a little bit of cradle cap now too - just when the milia went away... (milia = little white bumps on her face, no big deal, they go away on their own)

I wish you could see her pretty dark blue eyes - the photos don't do them justice.

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