Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First Nap

Yesterday I put Violet in her crib for a nap - her first nap in her crib. She's not really ready for it yet - she only slept about half an hour. When she moves her arms it always wakes her up and she does much better swaddled tightly. The thing is, she's growing out of her super expensive swaddle blankets I just got for her at the beginning of December. Bummer. She doesn't seem to like it that she can't stretch her legs out and she kicks out the bottom, which ruins the whole swaddle. Hopefully, she won't need to be swaddled anymore within the next month. I'm thinking of stitching together a few of her receiving blankets - though I'll have to do that by hand because I don't have a machine. So I've put off doing that, hoping that she'll grow out of the need to be swaddled by the time she really grows out of these blankets.

She's so cute in her sleep 'n play, isn't she?

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