Saturday, November 19, 2005


Ross is working today and tomorrow (boo), so no weekend for him. We're actually almost caught up on the laundry - for a day, then it'll be out of control again. Violet is sleeping in her swing right now. She's been wanting to be held all the time for about a week or so now. I've wanted to try swaddling her, but none of the blankets have been big enough to hold her - or they're too thick if they are big enough. Finally, I found one I hadn't tried yet that works well enough for the the moment. It really calms her down to be swaddled and shushed and to swing her a bit back and forth. So I got some decent sleep last night - Ross held her until 1am while I slept, then she slept for almost 3 hours! Then for almost 2 more. So I'm feeling good today - Ross probably feels like crap. He had to get up at 6am. Tonight I'm going to take her and let him get some good sleep. He deserves it.

Anyway, the first time, when she slept for 3 hours, I didn't swaddle her, but once she woke up at 4am, she wouldn't go back to sleep. So I swaddled her and once I laid down with her, I had to hold onto her so she couldn't come out of her blanket. So I kind of slept, but it seems to have been good enough sleep for me. She slept like a baby, ha ha. I ordered 2 swaddling blankets on the internet yesterday that are 42x42 inches, so I'm hoping that'll finally do it. It's amazing the calm that almost always comes over her once she's swaddled. Thank God for that!!

She's a month old now and I can really see that she's getting bigger. Yay! The bigger she gets, the quicker she'll (hopefully) start sleeping longer. And I look forward to being able to get some things done. My mom will be here next Wednesday and my brother and his girlfriend will be here next Friday. We'll have Thanksgiving on Friday, my mom's cooking! Yay! Looking forward to that.

Gotta go - she's sleeping so well in her swing right now, I want to see if I can clean something up or maybe have breakfast before she wakes again.

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