Thursday, October 06, 2005

OB visit

Went to the OB today. She said that two weeks from now (week 38) she will do an ultrasound to see if Violet is still breech. If so, she will schedule a c-section for the next week and when I go to the hospital they will do one last ultrasound before the c-section, just to make sure. So that makes me feel better that they'll make extra sure she's still breech before doing a c-section.

If I happen to go into labor before then, when I call the doctor's office, I am to tell them that she's breech so that they can tell the hospital to be ready with an ultrasound machine so they can whisk me into surgery if necessary.

So I go back next Wednesday. Blood pressure was A-OK. All else is well. Going back to the chiropractor tomorrow. My back still hurts a lot, but I can definitely say that it hurts much less than it did before I went, so that's something.

In baby naming news, I picked up a free magazine at the doctor's office. It's called Expecting and it's basically reprints of articles from previous issues of Parents magazine. There's an article on celebrity baby names and it has a little block in it that says "The Next Hip Names: Here are ten that baby-naming expert Linda Rosenkrantz predicts you'll be hearing a lot more of in the coming year." For girls it lists Maya/Maia and also Violet. About the name Violet it says, "A color name that's coming into bloom, this one has a solid historical stem."

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