Saturday, September 24, 2005

Week 35 starts tomorrow – just 5 to go!

Violet should weigh a little over 5 pounds and be just over 18 inches long by this point. I’m still not sure how she’s fitting because I don’t have heartburn and she’s not kicking my ribs, so it kind of feels like she’s not there – but the ultrasounds say otherwise. Maybe she’s just being sweet to me.

This morning we got up at 6am to go to our first of two Lamaze classes. I had no idea what it was going to be like, but I thought it was fairly cool. I do wish that classes like that wouldn’t waste time, they’d just get down to business (we were there for 4 hours), but the instructor tried to make it nicey nice. That’s ok too, but I think 4 hours is a long time to sit there when I know there’s not 4 hours of information being dealt out – especially when everyone has change for the vending machines but you didn't think to bring any. I felt like we got some good information and we have the second class on October 8th.

One thing I found irritating is that people really wouldn’t speak up. The instructor would ask a question and everyone just kind of sat there with dumb looks on their faces. I’m thinking – if you people don’t know this yet, you’re in big, fat trouble!! Hopefully they were just a bit shy.

On Wednesday Ross is going to Oregon and he’ll be back Sunday. I’m really happy with this because he’s only going to have to make this one trip, he won’t have to go back the next weekend. I guess they got all the volunteers they needed, so that’s great for us. I wasn't looking forward to being alone two weekends in a row, though my dad, Cathy, and Juliana and Deirdre may be down that weekend to visit. If they're coming, it's nice that Ross will be able to be here too, I hated for him to miss that as well.

So it’s going to stink being here by myself next weekend, but I’ll make it. The cats will keep me company.

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