Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Lion King

Wylie got shaved on Friday. He needed it badly. She asked if we wanted him to have a "lion cut." If you don't know what that is ... see the picture. He looks hilarious! We love it! He's getting old - he's 14 now! - and he's got a lot more white fur on his body than he did last year. He also weighed 24 pounds - which is a pound or so down from last year. He's a big, sturdy cat!

Wylie got his shots on Monday - Grace will also have hers. They're both due. Wylie couldn't get shaved unless he was current on his shots and I won't be able to get a sedative for either of them when we move again if they haven't seen the vet at least once first. Can't just give them a Unisom, unfortunately. The vet prices are out of this world here - $35 more for Wylie's shots and $20 more for the shave than we paid in Duluth! Can you believe that?! I can't say I was surprised, however. They'll probably make me come back for a "semi-annual exam" (which they do suggest) or something silly like that before they'll give me a sedative for them. Grrr.

Wylie also needs his teeth cleaned, but I told the guy, um, no. Gotta get Grace her shots first and I'm having a baby. He was understanding but said I should do it soon. Oh yes, sir, I'll do it soon - as soon as we move to a place with a lower cost of living!

But the groomer did an amazing job! I'm sure you'll look at the picture and think, "why would anyone want to do that to their cat?!" But we think it's wonderful - he feels so much better and no furballs to clean up! The furballs also affect what comes out the other end, so no dealing with upset stomach troubles now either. I have to say, it is worth the money. Wylie agrees. (Though I do kind of wish he'd get a job now that he's 14 - he does have that degree in ornithology :-)

I had an ultrasound yesterday - and yes, I'm going back in 4 more weeks. The nurse (still not the good one, but better than the last) said Violet weighs 3 pounds. She got 2 OK pictures of her face and gave us those, so we're planning to get them scanned up at Kinko's tomorrow and I'll post them then. Other than that, she said everything looks good. She was head down, her feet were up at my left rib area, her hands were on my left side and her head more toward my right. Crazy!

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jude cowell said...

Wylie looks regal and in charge.

i love the tail--the tip of the Leo's tail, as they say. He deserved a break! Red ball looks good with grey fur.

3 pounds, Violet! Way to go!