Thursday, July 07, 2005

Good doctor visit today! Yea!

Went to the doctor today, to recheck for blood pressure. Through diet (lots more/bigger variety of veggies), exercise (20 min. walking then laying on my left side for 30 min. most days of the week), and relaxation (prenatal yoga DVD, soaking in pool for 30 min., a BP-lowering visualization I read about on the Internet) I have brought my blood pressure down to 128/74 in just 3 weeks. Pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!! I've been drinking all the water and had no ketones or protein in my urine either. I don't have to go back to the doctor for 3 weeks. Yippee! I wish it were a month, but she's trying to time it so she can write me the script for the next glucose test, which I'll take around 28 weeks.

The glucose test I took last week was for gestational diabetes - and I passed with flying colors. She said anything under 135 was good - and I was at 105, which is just perfect! Yippee! I was very excited about that.

She listened to the heartbeat - an excellent 150 beats per minute. So all is well. She was very impressed with my blood pressure-lowering abilities - she said, "I didn't even give you anything, did I? You did it all on your own!" Yippee!

Even though I'm still stressed about $$, this is the best I've felt in this pregnancy. I finally feel like I can enjoy it a little bit and relax a bit. I still have to keep up with all the good things I'm doing, but if I can keep my blood pressure exactly where it is, I shouldn't get preeclampsia and will be much less likely to have to have a c-section.

I'm so happy! Go Violet!

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jude cowell said...


Good job, Honey.

Maybe i can relax & enjoy now, too, huh?