Monday, June 13, 2005

The Registry

Well, it only took 2 weekends, but I think we've finished the registry. It's at Babies-R-Us and you can check it out online at and then do a search on my name (Ross is on as the co-registrant, of course, but using my name is the easiest way to find it). There are a couple of things about the online version, however. First, sometimes it'll say that an item isn't available. That just means it's not available online to order, though that can change (I've seen that happen just from last week to this week), but there are plenty of each item in our store down here, at least at the time we registered for them. Second, not all the items that we registered for in the store are online. Most of these things are for the layette. So you can't look at them online, and they may not be in your store. Mostly what I care about is that we have enough gowns, clothes, etc., I'm not stuck on what they look like.

Keep in mind that you walk into Babies-R-Us and they hand you a list of over 100 things that you "need." Some of these things we decided we didn't and some of it we really just had no idea whether we would or not, so I really don't know. I guess, like most things, we'll figure it out when we get there.

Looking at the stuff online is pretty cool because there are reviews there, which were really helpful. I deleted some things and put others based on some of these reviews. But, again, I fully admit we really don't have a clue.

Shipping is a big thing to me, it's just so expensive. Anyone who is kind enough to get us a gift for Violet, well, I hate to think of you paying for shipping if you don't need to. I overheard someone in the store saying that you can go to your local store and tell them it's for someone out of town and they will arrange it so we can pick it up.

Also, I'm fairly sure that I'm going to get cloth diapers. I will have some disposables around, just because, but I'm planning on getting a set of Fuzzi Bunz (Check out - there's lots of information about them. I think they're supercool.). I'm hoping that this will be less expensive than disposables (they're supposed to be, anyway) and they're also better for Violet's skin, and fewer disposables in the landfills. Cloth diapers have come a long way - these come with snaps and they have fleece inside and then you put washable inserts inside that. They look really cool to me. I've read lots of reviews and these seem like the ones for me.

So anyway, this has been really overwhelming, looking at all this stuff, picking stuff out, but fun too. And I even felt Violet kicking just a little bit tonight, so it's been a fun day all around!

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