Saturday, April 09, 2005

Going to the beach

Today we're going to the beach. Right now, Ross is in Wellington, at one of his store's weekly meetings. The meeting started at 9am and should be about an hour. I'm not sure if he's staying for the whole meeting or not, but it's 9:40 now and I haven't heard from him, so I'm guessing he is. He should be home by 10:30-10:45. Then we're going to go to the beach, finally! We haven't been since we got down here. We're not really going to hang out all day, we're just going for a walk and then on about our business. I've decided that I'm going to buy one baby-related item that I'll need today at SuperTarget, to try to spread the cost of this little dude/dudette out over the next 7 months. I'm pretty sure I won't be having a shower down here - all the women I work with are a bit harsh and, since they've retired down here but now have to work, don't really have any money to go buying some girl they barely know baby gifts. Someone I work with said it was her birthday the week before I got there and no one even mentioned it, so I'm not going to count on a shower or anything! That doesn't bother me at all - I just started there and week after next I'm going to tell them I'm pregnant. I certainly don't expect them to share my joy too much. If you knew them, you'd understand why I say that. They're all extremely argumentative, crabby people. It's crazy there! As long as they don't fire me for being pregnant, that's present enough for me.

Anyway, my plan is to work on buying the small stuff all along and register for the bigger items and hopefully save some too, so anything I don't get before, I can get after the birth. Realistically, we'll probably be moving again 3-4 months after the baby is born (fingers crossed), so if I can get a good bassinet that's fairly big and sturdy, I won't necessarily need a crib until after we move (and get a 2 bedroom!), but I may go for a changing table, or we could just use the floor/bed. Anyway, just typing out loud, I have no real experience in this, of course, so if anyone has any thoughts on this, let me know. Also, if you have anything you know is a "must have" that I wouldn't have a clue about, please send me an email and let me know!! I need all the advice I can get.

My first real appointment is next Thursday, April 14. It was going to be at 10am, but the office called me yesterday and said the doctor won't be in, did I want to reschedule for next week. I said, um, I'll be 12 weeks along by then and I haven't had an exam yet. So she said I could see a male doctor or a nurse practitioner at 4pm. I opted for the NP. Of course now I'm not so sure I care. What do I care if it's a guy? I'm sure HE doesn't care.

Anyway, will try to remember to take the camera with us to the beach and post a picture or two. Have a great weekend!! Ross should be home within the next hour and he's bringing me a donut. Whoo hoo!

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